Microsoft Azure


Get detailed readiness reports, cost analysis, and migration planning tools

What is an Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment?

Readiness Check: Get a snapshot of all virtual and physical servers to assess Azure migration readiness. We report on CPU, network throughput, storage by node, and more, across any and all infrastructure types.

Cost Analysis: Project the cost of running your workloads in Azure. Discover the best Azure offerings per workload or server, identify right-sized savings for your workloads. Compare annual versus monthly payment costs and assess return on investment (ROI).

Planning: See a visual mapping of all your infrastructure to learn dependencies between various nodes and apps. Choose optimal migration settings and firewall rules. Get ready for a stress-free migration.

Features and benefits


The benefits of using our technique over traditional tools include:

  • Agent-based approach provides deeper analytics
  • Configurations are based on workload data instead of a snapshot in time
  • Multiple plans and configurations to show best/worst case scenarios
  • Ability to adjust SLTs, change regions, and offers capacity planning tools
  • Optimise configurations based on performance needs rather than match to existing hardware
  • Graphical representations of the data through the SaaS application in addition to reports

The main features of the Azure Health Assessment include:

  • Cloud modelling and assessment report
  • TCO per workload accurately project TCO in the cloud
  • Performance Insights Analysis
  • Multiple plan / configuration mappings
  • Detailed Migration Strategy Plan
  • Application discovery and Migration planning and design
  • Architectural decision making
  • What-if analysis scenarios and infrastructure planning

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